About Kurt

A Wisconsin Story.

I’m a third generation Sheboyganite from a strong, union family. The Wisconsin values of hard work and equal opportunity have guided me throughout my life. I am a proud alumni of the UW System, and strong believer of the Wisconsin Idea. My wife Abby and I have gained experience living across the country, and now we live a few blocks away from my childhood home.

We can all recognize the importance of this election. In 2018, we have the opportunity to create real, positive change in our state. We can’t afford to have the same players holding all the power, making the same decisions. We’ve seen where that gets us; rolled back education, bad investments, and Wisconsinites left behind. It’s time for new leadership in Wisconsin. That’s why I’m running for Lieutenant Governor. I’ve spent my career innovating businesses, organizations, and nonprofits to help them succeed in our changing world. In this election we need to make new choices. With your support, we can rewire Wisconsin to create a place where everyone of us, every generation, can live, work, and thrive.

I’ve spent the last decade working with businesses, organizations, and nonprofits to help them transform to meet the needs of the new economy. From working for a large, established company, to building a small startup with my wife, I’ve learned how organizations of all types work. I helped bring together community leaders, school administration, and the legislature to bring new facilities to the University of Green Bay, and I’ve worked throughout my life to bring arts education to public schools. I’ve spent 10 years successfully innovating and delivering results. Wisconsin deserves results and if you believe so too, I’m asking for your support.

What That Story Made Possible.


  • Born and raised in Sheboygan.
  • Undergraduate degree from UW-Green Bay, MBA from UW-Madison.
  • Met and fell in love with Abby over 18 years ago, married in Door County 8 years
  • Lived, learned, and worked in Wisconsin, Arkansas, California, and Illinois.
  • Chose to settle back in Sheboygan, often telecommuting at The Clorox Company.


  • Giving back to Sheboygan through board role on local public education foundation.
  • Ensured access to the arts in Northwest Arkansas through arts center board.
  • Helped to define the future of a 60-year-old port of call in San Francisco through Port Commission long range planning efforts.
  • Led a Filipino community advocacy organization growth and re-branding initiative.
  • Organized and mobilized college students across Wisconsin for local, state, and national elections as the President of Wisconsin College Democrats.


  • Currently leading the effort to enable a 100-year-old Fortune 500 company to sell and deliver household products to your doorstep.
  • Co-founded Silicon Valley technology startup that transformed the design and manufacturing process for selected consumer products.
  • Had a leadership role in an education foundation initiative to leverage technology, connecting students, staff, and alumni.
  • Served as a leader in the effort to transform UW-Green Bay through a $40M campaign to build new sports and campus activity facilities.
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