Bold Thinking & Taking Action

If you wouldn’t mind-today I’d like to take a moment to brag about my wife.

Abby has been my partner and best friend for 18 years now, and one of the things I admire most about her her ability to think outside the box. From the way she transformed an airstream trailer into a chic pop up shop to her ingenuity as a city planner, she never stops seeking creative solutions. So, about seven years ago, when Abby decided to start a business, I knew nothing could stop her.

Abby identified a problem: people across the country have great new product ideas every day, but don’t have the resources to bring those ideas to light. Abby and her team built a platform to connect people with designers and experts to help bring new products to the market.

It was amazing to watch her identify that problem, and create a new way to solve it. As we move into the new year I’ve begun to think of all the people like Abby, and the wealth of ideas we have here in Wisconsin. It has lead me to one of my resolutions for 2018: Advocate for bold thinking and action takers across Wisconsin.

There are people just like Abby across Wisconsin, who have come up with new ways to solve problems. People like:

  • Chris from StoneBank Baking in Oconomowoc, who realized that there were limited bakery options for people with diabetes, so he developed a low-carb bread that everyone can enjoy.
  • Jan from Mosinee who decided to utilize UW Stevens Point LIFE program for continuing education to begin taking a class on journeying into dementia to help the senior care center she works for better understand how to care for their residents.
  • Deborah from St. Francis who braved the cold this past December to protest the dangerous fumes that plagued her neighborhood, and made her scared to bring her grandson outside to play.

Those are just a few examples, but there are so many more. And there are even more people who have the ideas, but don’t have the support to realize that change. I believe that we need to prioritize supporting the action takers we have in Wisconsin. So let’s get going.

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