clean water is our responsibility

In a state bordered by two great lakes with over 15,000 lakes, clean water should be a given for residents in our state today and for generations to come. However, today across our state, be it in 60% of the wells in Kewaunee County, over 70,000 homes in the City of Milwaukee, or the nearly 50% of the wells in the Central Sands region, water is growing more scare and more contaminated.

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But we can fix this. First, we need to listen to our scientist experts that are helping organizations like Clean Wisconsin, Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, Freshwater for Life Action Coalition, Sierra Club, and others to begin immediate action on proposals they have to reverse course. Second, transparency to this issue needs to occur across the state in order to raise awareness to how big of an issue this has become. Finally, we must put in place policy that lives up to our heritage of an environmental steward and protects our legacy for generations to come.