Building a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Wisconsin should be made for the times we’re living in.

Our values of hard work, education, and a little ingenuity are what make me so convinced we can build communities around our state where every generation can live, work, and thrive.

In order to create these communities, we must to invest in each other by making sure we all have access to high speed, affordable internet, clean water, functioning transportation, and cutting edge education. This is what will enable us to build a culture of entrepreneurship in every community, be it urban, rural, north, or south. But from this culture every Wisconsinite will be able to find meaningful work in their thriving community.

As your next lieutenant governor, I will bring my track record of helping organizations transform and focus on breaking down barriers to entrepreneurship. As Wisconsinites, we should be doing everything in our power to help a students create a startup, or enable a new generation take over the family farm, or support a working mother who wants to start her own small business. The initiatives below are the first four steps I will spearhead to encourage thousands of Wisconsinites to take the big step of becoming an entrepreneur right here in Wisconsin.

  1. STEAM at Home Tax Credit. A tax credit for students in the fields of Science, Math, Engineering, Arts, or Technology of up to $10,000 which can be claimed for four consecutive years. The four-year tax credit window is an important benchmark in getting recent grads in these critical fields to stay here in Wisconsin.
  2. Startup Launch Pad. An innovative set of services that act as a security net during those tough early years of getting a business off the ground. This plan would lighten the risk burden and cost of an individual leaving their “day job” to pursue an entrepreneurial venture, including access to affordable and complete health care, student loan deferment or tax credit, a childcare subsidy, and reforming unemployment insurance to help Wisconsinites mitigate the  risks of entrepreneurship.
  3. 10K Startups. Invest $300,000 each into 10,000 new small businesses across Wisconsin’s 72 counties. This will result in thousands of new jobs across every county within the first year.
  4. Legacy Business Bridge. Mature companies would be encouraged to work with Wisconsin small businesses as customers and invest venture dollars into local startups across the state. These legacy companies would receive a state tax credit for such work or investments made into the next chapter of our economy.

Building strong communities across our state is going to require sparking more Wisconsinites to become entrepreneurs, take over a family business and or stay to farm the family homestead. Entrepreneurship is the greatest source of job creation in the country. Wisconsin has the thinkers, the dreamers, and the doers to build a culture of entrepreneurship, but our government must recognize this potential. By breaking down the barriers people face when starting their own venture, we invest in Wisconsinites, and the future of our state.

By First Day in Office:

I will have secured at least 72 startups or founders who are ready to take advantage of these startup friendly efforts.  

During the First Six Months in Office:

The structure for Startup Launch Pad will be put in place for founders to access, either through strategic partnerships or through legislation, whichever moves quicker to achieve the outcome we’re aiming for: more Wisconsinites building their own future.

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