The United States is a country of immigrants. We are a dream founded by people coming here from other places to seek a better life. That reality and ideology hasn’t changed. Immigrant Americans contribute to our culture and community and we’re all the better for having them here. Together, under the Wisconsin Idea, we can solve the biggest challenges we have.

As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll focus on making the following ideas reality:

  • All families are welcome to help make every community in Wisconsin one that is thriving. Our communities should be safe and welcoming and the commandeering of local officials to do the President’s ill-advised work flies in the face of that vision.
  • We need to create a driver card legislation for immigrants in Wisconsin that enable individuals to fully participate in their community’s economy while making local municipalities operations more efficient.
  • Regardless of where someone was born, all Wisconsin students should be treated like any other community member who has lived in and graduated from local schools and therefore have seamless access to our technical colleges and universities.
  • DACA was a common sense policy that solved a problem within current law that must be addressed systematically by congress by passing a clean Dream Act. Until that time DACA should be the policy of the United States with regard to young non-citizen residents.
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