Voting Rights

One valid vote not counted is too many.

The current law results in potentially hundreds of thousands of votes not being counted. It’s institutional racism and it needs to end. When I’m Lt. Governor I will personally advocate for the “Voting Rights Modernization Act” which not only repeals the current voter ID law but

  1. Automatically registers anyone over the age of 18 to vote,
  2. Uses data, technology and paper to secure voting for the individual and the system,
  3. Advocate for election day to be a Wednesday (paid) holiday where public transportation is free for any Wisconsinite
  4. Enacts an “elected official” sabbatical where ANYONE can run for public office and serve knowing their job is waiting for them while or after they serve. This is only possible with changes to our rigged campaign finance system resulting in money no longer serving as a barrier to entry for any candidate and the source of money being open regardless of the source.

Finally I have and will continue to advocate for a non-partisan approach to drawing legislative districts in our state. I’ve seen it work extremely well in other states and Wisconsinites deserve this non-partisan approach to one of the most important issues to the health of our democracy.

Only when we remove EVERY barrier to voting and draw fair districts do we have a true, health democracy.

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