The Wisconsin Idea

“The Wisconsin Idea signifies a general principle: that education should influence people‚Äôs lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom.” – University of Wisconsin Archives

It has been our State’s long-standing value that education should be accessible to every family across the state. That what is fostered and supported in the classroom or the lab can spur innovation, growth, and advancement for all Wisconsinites. This is uniquely Wisconsin. We must protect this value and foster its evolution for the time’s we live in.

We have the opportunity to invest in the classrooms of entire UW System to make sure that every citizen can live, work, and thrive in the manner in which they choose. Today, that means making sure digital learning is possible in every county for the local shop owner looking to open an online store, that coursework is relevant and forward-looking for our farmers hoping to turn to organic farming, that plugging into the system is seamless and affordable for our graduating high school students, and that our cutting-edge research fellows have the tools they need to make the next world-changing discovery. If we make the investment into the UW, we are investing in one another and our shared future.