Kurt Kober is running for Lieutenant Governor.

Hello, I’m Kurt

A third generation sheboyganite and lifelong democrat running for lieutenant governor.

My family, the community of Sheboygan, and the State of Wisconsin launched me. Now I want to help rewire Wisconsin.

Let's Rewire Wisconsin!

It’s time to focus on Wisconsin - where it's going and how best to get there.

I am building an optimistic movement. One that acknowledges the challenging time we are living in, but embraces the opportunities of tomorrow, by harnessing common sense, ingenuity, and hard work to build strong communities where all generations can live, work, and thrive.

Why Now

Over the next decade, our country and state will experience major social and technological change. We will see driverless cars and trucks, the ability to work from anywhere, and jobs we can't even imagine today. We need visionary leadership to make the most of the coming opportunities.

Why Wisconsin

Together, our state has led in transformational times before. Wisconsin shines when we invest in hard work, education, and collaboration. It’s time to remember the spirit of fighting Bob La Follette and move our state forward once again

Why All of Us

We are stronger when we work together. Our whole state was transformed through our cutting edge university system. A group of workers came together in Milwaukee to found the labor movement, creating better working conditions for all. This takes working across aisles, compromising, and being kind.

Looking Forward

What could the future look like?

Today, change is everywhere. Generational, technological, economic. In our cities, our workplaces, our homes. Change is a reality. It’s inevitable. It’s persistent. For the past decade, Wisconsin’s State Government response has been to pretend change isn’t happening, or bend old policies to 21st century realities. We’re building a campaign that acknowledges the change and intentionally crafts new solutions to embrace the opportunity that all this change presents.

Meet Jon.

Transitions from laid-off manufacturing employee to successful photographer. He’s enabled by classes delivered on his terms, at an affordable cost.

Meet Pam.

In the face of declining foot traffic she leverages tech, social media marketing & a low-interest “business transformation loan” to become a national home goods e-commerce business.

Meet Clete.

Leverages a Made in Wisconsin equipment “sharing” business to help his family’s farm become a leader in the organic milk movement that’s supported by a national “Crafted in Wisconsin” campaign.

Where do we start?

If Wisconsin embraces change by:

Investing in high speed internet for all to open up economic opportunities at the individual, business, and community level,

Executing personalized, life long learning to prepare a workforce for rapidly evolving markets,

Leading the disruption in our core industries of manufacturing, agriculture, and biotech instead of being disrupted, and

Demonstrating how protecting the natural environment can be an economic driver to recruit new employees into the state while also encouraging recreation for all existing ones…

We’ll drive growth in the economy for all Wisconsinites and become a model for the country!