Equality for All

In our fast paced, busy lives it’s easy for anyone of us to live in our own world and not see someone else’s reality. However, we are citizens of one shared state and now more than ever, we have to have empathy for what our fellow citizens reality is. And because, no doubt, most of us seek to treat others the way we want to be treated, we have to address the very real barriers to prosperity for people of color, women, our LGBTQ friends, and many others.

Without a doubt, having a zero tolerance policy against explicit racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination is required in order to build a Wisconsin where we can all thrive.

However, it is just as important for us to bring down imposed obstacles that affect many Wisconsinites inability to live out their version of freedom. Those not so obvious obstacles often show up:

  • in the language we speak to one another in person or online, or
  • in not being deliberate about who is sitting around the table when decisions are made, funded, and implemented, or
  • the lack of access in our State to fair banking, food, or housing in both the public and private sector.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will use my statewide platform to not only callout blatant examples of discrimination, I will also root out the systemic ways implicit bias shows up in government and public conversations.

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