Our Priorities

Building communities around our state where every generation can live, work, and thrive will take igniting a culture of entrepreneurship, investing in education, and protecting our environment.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

We need to enable our small businesses to compete globally, invest in our workers and in the health of our communities, and imagine a future with Wisconsin leading the world – from education to an information-based economy.

Investing in Education

We can transform K-12 education and make lifetime learning more accessible for all Wisconsinites. Education is how we can put Wisconsin back on top in the 21st century. We should invest in our university system, not use it to balance a budget. Our children deserve opportunities like we had.

Protecting Our Water

Life isn’t just about the work you do, or the school you go to, it’s about the people you spend time with, the places you live in. Wisconsin’s natural resources, our cities and towns, and our strong cultural experiences are made for these times. Protecting our water is critical step number one on this journey.