Work, Live, and Play in Wisconsin – Retirees

My parents have lived in Sheboygan their entire lives. Their determination, hard work, and support helped launch me to be who I am today. And I’m so grateful for that. When I look at the way Wisconsin treats it’s retirees, it is clear to see that we have work to do. People like you, who have spent decades building Wisconsin, see the strength and potential Wisconsin has.

Let’s build on that potential.

We need to insure quality healthcare for people across Wisconsin, regardless of pre-existing condition, because healthy communities thrive. We need to help create long-term financial security for families, and bring politics back to talking about who can bring the most positive change to Wisconsin, not spend the most money on smear campaigns.

So let’s get started, because building our potential doesn’t mean leaving people behind

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  • Howard Landsman
    Posted December 11, 2017 5:47 pm 1Likes

    Heard about what you and Abby are up to at dinner last night with Kurt and Jone, and very glad to see you jump in to try and make an impact. Glad too to hear that you were impressed with Andy Gronik as a candidate for Gov. While I haven’t committed to a candidate yet, I was very impressed and inspired by his presentation and Q&A session at the Dane Dems monthly meeting in October. Onward!

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